Company: Mr. Video, Inc.
Organization: Nebraska Corporation
Address: 2612 Bryan Ave.
Bellevue, NE 68005

1-800-678-4336 or

1-800-MR VIDEO

Fax: 1-402-593-1114
Year Established: 1982 -- Currently doing business across the US.

Trademark: "Mr. Video, Inc." is a nationally registered trademark of Mr. Video Productions.
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Company History:

Mr. Video Productions was formed in 1982 in Omaha, Nebraska, as a small, local-event video company.  Kevin Hart purchased the "Mr. Video Productions" name after starting his own business in 1986 called Protected Investments, Inc.  As the "new" Mr. Video began to grow in the early 1990s, it became accustomed to larger events in both the music and cheerleading/dance team industry and became the national leader with these events in the mid-to-late 1990s.  Mr. Video's staff and equipment grew accordingly. 

Mr. Video designed and developed a one-of-a-kind business management system.  This system was written and designed specifically to handle large-scale data entry and fulfillment needs for speculation event video production and currently manages in excess of 39,000 different video products.  Mr. Video's website features most of these products in a simple search engine, allowing consumers to search by date and/or event name, etc.

Mr. Video developed relationships in the scholastic community and  is today  regarded as the most-trusted name in scholastic video services.  Today, Mr. Video boasts an exceptional staff of videographers traveling the country continuously, logging enormous camera hours and providing customers with expert event videography skills. 

Mr. Video also has a tremendous post-production and fulfillment staff that, while rarely seen, is every bit as important in the system that makes Mr. Video Productions the very best at what it does. 





                     Live Event Videography

Mr. Video Productions is one of the nation's leading live-event videographers specializing in video production.  Areas of expertise include the live recording of cheerleading/dance events, musical events, sporting events, conventions, conferences, meetings, and live seminars.  Depending on the size of the project, Mr. Video will travel anywhere.  Most projects are taken on a speculative basis for exclusive recording rights to sell videos to participants.  Mr. Video has recorded over 39,000 live events since 1986.  Mr. Video serves 80% of cheerleading market, including NCA, Cheersport, COA, and USA, to name a few.


Services include professional videography, non-linear editing, DVD and video duplication, and turnkey comprehensive fulfillment service. A customized turnkey marketing and administrative package is provided for each event.  Mr. Video will handle all the video production needs from shooting to editing, through the duplication and fulfillment process.

                   Industrial Productions

MVP Media (a Division of Mr. Video, Inc.) produces recruiting, training, orientation, sales, and promotional DVDs.  Customers include national corporations, as well as small- and medium-sized organizations.  We provide scriptwriting, videography, editing, duplication and fulfillment.  Mr. Video can take a customer's idea from script to screen by using the latest digital acquisition and editing resources.  Click on MVP Media for more info.





Mr. Video owns fifteen 3-chip digital processing broadcast quality cameras and ten digital studio recorders, including 8 Hi Definition (HD) cameras.  Formats include DVCAM, Beta SP, D9, SVHS, and live-hard drive capture.   

Post-Production Editing

Nine non-linear editing systems utilize over 120 TB of high speed shared storage on a 10Gb network.  Other services available are voiceover facilities, multi-channel mixing, and a full-production music library.  Live switching of multi-cameras is also available for your production.  Editing can be also be done on-site at events.

DVD Duplication & Anti-Copy Process

12 in-house DVD duplication towers and 8 on-disc color printers.  In the fall of 2008, Mr. Video started using a proprietary copy protection system to prevent illegal duplication of their DVDs  This has become a large problem of the years with the advent of the digital world.  Protecting the DVDs helps keep pricing down.  Using Mr. Video automatically maximizes DVD sales versus using another competitor.  Blu-ray discs are also available.

Names & Biographies of key personnel:

Kevin Hart—Owner & President

Omaha, NE: Kevin the owner of Mr. Video Productions since 1986.  Kevin has years of event video experience in every setting imaginable and has logged numerous camera hours and has directed countless multiple-camera events.  His primary responsibilities include production, sales, and marketing for Mr. Video Productions.

Jeff King—Owner & Vice-President,

Omaha, NE: Jeff joined Mr. Video Productions as an owner in 1987 while completing college. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a BS/BA in Marketing.  Jeff is the CFO for Mr. Video.   Jeff has years of event video experience and is also a highly-talented editor.  His main responsibilities include company operations, the post-production department, and overseeing the entire fulfillment process.

Rose King—Customer Service Manager

Omaha, NE:  Since 1996, Rose is the resident “backbone” of Mr. Video and is responsible for customer service issues both with clients and customers.  Rose does an exceptional job of acquiring event schedules and designing order forms for Mr. Video events.  Rose also oversees the data entry staff that processes video orders.

Devin Terpstra—Senior Editor

Omaha, NE: A graduate of Northwestern College with a BA in Communications,  Devin has been with Mr. Video since 1996.  Devin has been responsible for editing thousands of events for Mr. Video, as well as presiding over a core group of six editors who work around the clock ensuring each event is professionally polished before it heads to duplication.

Number of Staff: 16 full-time employees

20-25 part-time videographers, seasonally.



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